About us

My story

I was born and raised in Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden in a animal-loving and dog-crazy family. My ´´Dachshund fever´´ started one day in 1979 when I came to Kennel Mikkels, which was a very successful breeder of standard wire-haired dachshunds. Right then and there, I fell completely in love with dachshunds. My first love in the breed was called Mikkels MataHari  a fantastic dog with loads of personality. She never achieved greatness in either shows or breeding, but I learned so very much during those first 15 years with standard wire-haired dachshunds. That experience was very important when I in the middle of 1990th to “upgrade” to miniature wire-haired and start Kennel Sweetax but the most important thing has been the extreme luck I had when I was able to acquire Multi-champion Slogan’s After Dinner Sweet as kennel Sweetax first breeding bitch :

About my dogs

She is the mother or grandmother to many great champions and important breeding dogs around the World. Many of the topwinning MWstoday have bloodlines which stem from this wonderful bitch.   All my present breedingdogs have bloodlines steaming from this bitch most of them via her son MultiCH MultiW Sweetax Carl Commander.   The dachshund is fundamentally a hunting dog. Although I am not a hunter myself, all of my breeding dogs have some kind of working/hunting credentials. This is to document that their original hunting abilities are present.   I do spend a lot of time planning my breeding combinations and by finding out as much as possible about the males I’m interested in using in my breeding work. For example, that their type and anatomical details should complement my breeding bitches is obvious. Mental and physical health are equally important. Because I have gotten my breeding dogs certified eye examinations and spinal x-rays for several generations, it is obviously desirable to find breeding males with the same health status. Unfortunately, this is difficult. Trying only to breed a dog with a perfect exterior, while not taking into account the mental and physical health, is of no value to me.   As far as type is concerned, I prefer and try to breed a long and low dachshund with a long torso, clearly marked fore-chest and harmonic angles both front and rear, giving fluid and efficient movement. A beautifully expressive head with strong jaws is a high priority for me and a strong skeleton is also very important. Also a WIRED coat is importent i have no tolerance in the breeding for soft coats.   During the years that Kennel Sweetax has been active, I have bred 27 litters of puppies (three of which were smooth-haired miniatures). That I’ve not had more litters proves that my motto – to produce quality, not quantity – is not just a saying, but something I really live for. Another important part of my kennel also includes the quality of life for my dogs. I do not want more dogs than I am able to offer a good and active life with such things as daily long walks and many other activities. To achieve this, I have only four dogs living at home and a few breeding males/bitches placed elsewhere. My dogs are members of my family. I am first and foremost a dog lover and not a puppy producer.   In the future, I will continue my work with breeding on the same small scale and strive to raise sound and healthy miniature dachshunds with as perfect exteriors as possible.